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Smart fortwo - 1.2qm polycarbonat-window - IMPmore-Tool

Mercedes Benz GL X164

Porsche Macan headlight lens is injection-moulded 2K from polycarbonate

Smart fortwo with panoramic roof

Why Plastic Glazing?

Many design studies of the car manufacturers demonstrate a trend to large transparent areas. Because of several reasons there is a demand to replace traditional glass by plastic material, specificaly polycarbonate. This facts have caused some development initiatives in the supplier industry in order to prepare all technologies, which are needed to realize plastic glazing applications in the automotive industry. There are various benefits plastic glazing can provide versus glass:

  • Weight reduction up to 50 % results in a lower fuel consumption
  • Using injection molding technology automotive window systems can be designed with functional integration and 3 dimensional shape
  • The excellent impact behaviour of polycarbonate increases the safety for the passengers as well as the security of the vehicle.