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Window Glazing System

SPE Innovation Award Body Exterior

OEM/Vehicle Volkswagen AG 2013 XL1 PHEV
System Supplier Exatec LLC
Material Processor SABIC
Material Supplier SABIC
Tooling/Equipment Supplier Summerer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Volkswagen XL1 rolldown window
This application is the first use of fully homologated PC glazing for series production, the first use of 2-component injection-molded PC glazing for rolldown and fixed windows with rail integration, and the largest 2-component injection/compression molded PC glazing for side windows. The glazing uses advanced 2-component injection/compression molding, whose long filling cycle reduces molded-in-stresses for superior optical quality and allows production (in a single molding cycle) of both transparent and overmolded blackout function integration. Additionally, Exatec plasma coating is used to achieve the abrasion resistance required for a moving side window and to fulfill homologation requirements. Plasma coating enables PC glazing to be used for windows requiring advanced abrasion resistance for driver visibility. Use of PC window glazing with advanced coating technologies reduces weight by 33% vs. 3.2-mm glass solutions and sports aerodynamic features that improve fuel economy, while delivering improved scratch resistance and thermal insulation, reduced fogging, and a high-quality optical appearance.

Quelle: SPE Automotive   SPE Innovation Award Body Exterior   06.11.2013